EFD Shop is now entirely digital downloads!

How to Cut Stencil Cut Files and Sticker Kits!

Hello everyone it is Erin Floto here walking you through cutting stencil cut files and sticker kit downloads that are now available in my shop. This specific blog post is geared towards Cricut cutting machines and I'll be working on another blog post related to Silhouette cutting machines at a later time.

Cutting Plastic Stencils with Cricut

I have new files available in my shop called stencil cut files. This is a digital download that can be uploaded into your Cricut Maker and cut through stencil material to give you designs for your planner or bullet journal. To find this collection, click on the following link: Digital Cut Files.

I've put together an image below that is also available on my FAQs page on my website.

The image states:

  • Download PNG File
  • Upload PNG File to software
    • (Silhouette Studio/Cricut Design Space)
  • Use at least 6mm plastic stencil material
    • (Available on Amazon)
  • Size the stencil for your personal project
  • Cut the stencil material

It also provides my favorite settings:

  • Use Deep Cut Cricut Blade
  • Transparency Setting on More
  • Cut 2-3 Times (do not remove and recut, when the project finishes cutting, press the cricut "C" button again
  • Each machine will need minor adjustments so experiment with small projects like a square first

Cutting EFD Sticker Kits with Cricut

In addition to plastic stencils, I also have many sticker sheets and sticker kits available for purchase. All of my sticker kits, including bullet journal, weekly,and journaling kits are available as digital downloads. Once you purchase, you'll receive a zip file with all of the sticker sheets available for that sticker kit.

I've provided the following image with helpful steps to cut your stickers:

The image states:

  • Download and extract ZIP File
  • Upload PNG File to Cricut Design Space as a print and cut image
  • Add sticker sheet files to Canvas
  • The sticker sheets should be sized to 6.5" height
  • Combine 2 sticker sheets together using "Attach" to save sticker paper
  • Press "Make It", select machine and settings, print with bleed on, and load the printed sticker paper on to the mat
  • Cut the stickers and unload by carefully peeling the mat away from the sticker paper

And provides my favorite settings:

  • Use Regular Cricut Blade
  • Base Material: Removable Sticker Paper or White Sticker Paper
    • I use "Less" pressure for Cricut Makers and "Default" for Cricut Explore
  • Each machine will need minor adjustments so experiment with small projects first

Personal Use Only

Please remember that all of my digital downloads are for personal use only and cannot be shared, replicated, or altered for sale or to distribute to others. I work very hard on all of these and they are subject to copyright.

If you are more of a visual learner, I've also put together video tutorials for each of these types of files so definitely check those out below!

Thank you so much!

✨ Erin