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June 2023 Reading Challenge

Hello all! We are working ahead of the game and preparing for June's Reading Challenge! This month we have 4 new criteria for the challenge. Remember, you can do this in as many or as few books as you want! For example, I am doing the following challenge in 3 books.

The criteria for the challenge in June are:

  • Book with a person of color main character
  • Book by a black author
  • Book in the autobiography genre
  • Book with a blue cover

The books I am choosing to read for June are:

  • You Should See Me In a Crown by Leah Johnson (my POC main character and book by black author)
  • Spare by Prince Harry or Beyond the Wand by Tom Felton (my autobiography book)
  • Kiss and Don't Tell by Meghan Quinn (book with a blue cover)

The graphic is available for download here. If you are interested in getting the rainbow reading stickers to go along with this, that is available here.

✨ Erin

To watch my June Reading Journal YouTube Video, check it out!