Thank you all for your support! All stickers are digital and we've started adding new physical products to the shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you so much for your support, orders, and products. I hope these FAQs are helpful! If these don't answer your question(s), please head over to the "Contact Us" page to communicate directly with me!

How do you use the stencil cut files?

Download our helpful digital cut instructions here.

How do you cut EFD sticker kit downloads?

Download our helpful digital cut instructions here.

Why are digital downloads personal use only and not available for refunds?

The answer is pretty simple, I work extremely hard on these products and once they are released to the public, they are subject to copyright. They are not available to be resold as a digital item or as a end-use product (stencil or sticker).
The files are not available for refunds because there is no way for me to know if you have downloaded, used, saved the file and therefore are able to use it.


*More FAQs will be available soon!