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May 2023 Reading Challenge

Hello all! It is a new month which means a new reading challenge! In May, I've selected 4 criteria that I hope excite you! Remember, you can do this in as many or as few books as you want! For example, I am doing the following challenge in 3 books.

The criteria for the challenge in May are:

  • Book that is banned in a U.S. state (I used this list to pick from)
  • Book with a map (I used this Fantasy Books with Maps list from GoodReads)
  • Book recommended by a friend
  • Book about a refugee/immigrant
Reading Challenge criteria also stated in blog post.

The books I am choosing to read for April are:

  • What Girls are Made of by Elana K Arnold - this book is banned in my hometown in Florida, as well as Texas
  • The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien - I have been recommended this book many times and it has a map! I've read The Hobbit and I'm excited to read this as well!
  • Outcasts United by Warren St. John - this is a story about a refugee soccer team

The graphic is available for download here. If you are interested in getting the fiesta reading stickers to go along with this, that is linked here.

✨ Erin

To watch my May Reading Journal YouTube Video, check it out!