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10 Types of Media Spreads

Hello everyone it is Erin Floto @erinflotodesigns here with a new 10 Types! Today's 10 Types is for Media Spreads. It is award season and I thought it would be so much fun to show ways to track movies. tv shows, and podcasts.

Cover photo of 10 Types of Media Spreads with header and washi

Movies Watched

It is so fun to be able to keep track of all of the movies that you watch and rankings so that you can share recommendations with your friends and family! I printed the movie poster and pasted it in the boxes. I put them on display as if they are in the movie theater with lights shining on them.

Awards Night

I used stickers from my Movie Buff Kit to mock up some award winners for the Academy Awards. I made this ahead of 2023 Oscars so these are not necessarily the winners. Another option would be to list all of the nominees and signify the winners.

Two bullet journal spreads. One include printed movie posters and the other includes oscar winners with a sticker of the oscar trophy

Podcast Favorites

This simple list includes a spot to give a star rating for the podcast, the name of the podcast, what platform you are listening on, the genre, and what mood this podcast gets you in. If I want to laugh, for example, I will listen to The Basement Yard because those guys are truly funny.

Media Subscriptions

This is a money saving spread! This includes all of the media you subscribe to, how much it costs, and how often it charges. This can really put into perspective how much it is costing across so many platforms and can help you cancel subscriptions you are not using to save money. For example, I cancel Netflix until there is a tv show I desperately want to binge watch and then I can save $15 a month!

Two spreads including a list for podcast favorites and a list for media subscriptions with every other line highlighted in pink

Amount of Media Consumed

If this is one of your new year's resolutions, this is a perfect spread for you. I try to be mindful and present instead of consuming so much time in front of the tv. This year in pixels spread helps assign a color to the amount of media consumed in that day.

TV Ratings

This spread is a fun way to track the episodes watched in a season and the rating for each season. Let's be honest, some seasons are better than others! You could also give an overall rating to the show if it has had its series finale and you are re-watching

Two spreads including a year in pixels spread where each day of the year gets a colored box to note how much media was consumed. And a second spread with circles to check off for each episode in the series and a star rating next to each season.


This is a list of movies, tv shows, and podcasts that have been recommended to you by your friends, family, and peers. I love the idea of keeping a long list and noting who recommended that particular movie.


This is a fun spread to track which movie premieres you went to or which ones are coming up that you are interested in going to. I used a film reel and included the name of the movie and when that movie is premiering.

Two bullet journal spreads. One includes three columsn labeled movies, tv shows, and podcasts where you can note recommendations made. The other has a movie theater sign stating now playing with a film reel and movie titles in the reel.

YouTube Favorites

Another type of media we can include is YouTube videos. I included different titles like favorite youtubers, youtube originals, genres and searches. This list is perfect to keep track of all your favorite youtube things!

Anticipated Releases

This last spread is similar to premieres except meant for anticipated releases of the year. It has a highlighed spot for the movie or tv show, what type of release and where it is releasing, as well as when. For example, the first one listed is Creed III which is a movie and it is being released on March 3, 2023.

Bullet journal spreads including highlighted titles for YouTube like favorite YouTubers, YouTube Originals, Genres, and Searches. On the right is clap boards with a list of anticipated releases in 2023.


If you are more of a visual learner and want to hear me walk through all of these spreads, I've also made a YouTube video! Check it out below!

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you enjoy all of these 10 types videos. Please let me know in the comments section of the YouTube video if you have other 10 Types video ideas.

✨ Erin