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10 Types of Washi Tape Swatch Pages

Hey all! Erin Floto here with another 10 Types of bullet journal spread ideas! To watch the full video and explanation of ideas, head over to my YouTube channel linked below!

1 Polaroid Swatches

This is a great option for those who are collecting and would like to maintain a list of where the tape is from, the name of the collection, and the date of the release.

2 Paint Rolls

Another very popular option in the bullet journaling community is using paint rolls or paint brushes and having the washi tape extend from drawing.

3 Envelope Art

This is best for paper style washi that you can use permanent marker over.

4 Moon and Stars

Perfect for galaxy style washi tapes. Lay down the tape and use a Slice tool to create the moon phases and stars.

5 Banner

Create a banner by stringing the washi tape together and creating doodle ties. It is super easy to create the banners too! Just fold the washi tape and cut at an angle from the bottom (start the cut on the opposite side of the fold).

6 Hearts

Again, this is such an easy way to display washi tapes by folding the washi tape in half and cutting along the folded side of the washi tape to create a heart!

7 Coffee Cups

Coffee is the best thing in the world and we should pick it 10 out of 10 times - including for displaying washi! It is easy to pair a travel coffee cup doodle and use the washi as a paper cup holder.

8 Washi Banner

This is a popular concept in the vertical planner community to create a washi tape banner as a weekend banner. Just create multiple flags from different styles and sizes of washi tape to create a fun and unique banner.

9 Needle and Spool

For those who are into other styles of crafting, this is perfect to make a washi tape as a spool of thread.

10 Bows

This was hard for me to do but maybe you can do it better! This is perfect for the simply gilded bow collection. I did it from 5 mm washi tape but it can also be cut out bows from the washi itself!

Final Look

YouTube Video